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Welcome to a wiki from the Mesozoic era and coming lasting today with Birds. This wiki's goal is to spread the knowledge of Dinosaurs and creatures of the Mesozoic as well as the modern day dinosaurs birds.


Contributions are welcome as this wiki is new and needs help. All help is appreciated unless it is spam. This wiki is designed to be scientifically accurate so when editing check to make sure your information is up to date and admins must take responsibility in frequently checking to make sure articles are up to date. Rember to use information that is factually up to date. Basic formatting is A start with a header, a coded text on lenght, hieght, whieght, feathers, and then regulaur text with info, divided into subgroups using the heading 2 text. Add other pictures to more catagories. All pictures must be cited by giving credit here; to avoid plagurism. Copying sources is illegal and a federal crime so do not do it. 


These rules are important to this wiki and its functioning:

General Rules -

  1. No swearing or foul language
  2. 5 edits a week
  1. Cyber Bullying Will not be tolerated
  1. Use your power to help, not hinder
  1. Think before you act
  1. All content is must be on topic.
  1. Regular users, follow admins' messages.
  1. If you are blocked unfairly, I will personally look into it.
  1. Treat fellow users with respect.
  1. Admins, use your power for good and do not abuse it.
  1. Talk with me if you want to block someone, but no unnecessary blocking.
  1. If a user is out of control, block them temporarily and then limit their access so you can discuss why they did what they did.

So if these rules are broken, you will be punished accordingly.

UCMP Trex skull lower left

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Remember have a good time and all should have the right to this knowledge!

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