Length:50 feet 
Hieght:14 feet at the sail 
Whieght:7 tons 
Feathers: Duck like in some areas









Genus:Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur and one of the most debated. Originally found by Ernst Stromer in egypt it was transported to Berlin where it was placed in a museum. Soon Allied Bombing runs destroyed the museum and skeleton. In 2014 a new speciment was discovered revealing much about this giant.

A unique dinosaur

Spinosaurus was unique for it's style of life, it mostly swam and ate fish. What it would do is swim after some fish and catch them and eat them. Then it would use a grizzly bear like tactic where it would capture fish in it's jaws and then using it's large claws to kill the victim. Then the sail would be used for display with it's head crest creating a vibrant creature.

Spinosaurus 2014 by thedinorocker-d80yhs5

An aquatic life

The spinosaurus was unique among dinosaurs, since it was aquatic. Heavy bones that were not hollow and a barrel shaped torso helped this animal swim. As well as that it had large, flat, and webbed feet. This would allow it to catch the massive fish of its time using its conical teeth. Then it would drag prey on land to kill the victim with massive claws. On land however, it was slow and cumbersome, using its forelimbs to aid in walking, but if necessary it could run for short distances on its hind legs.